Recovery Necklace

Recovery Necklace

I need your help! Let's help spread Jill's story to the newcomers! Please purchase one or more necklaces to fund this worthwhile project! Thank you.

Jill P, my daughter, passed away on January 25, 2013 after 28 years of sobriety! Her first day of sobriety was at age 18 and while she suffered cancer, 28 years later, she refused to take painkillers because she wanted to "die sober." What an inspiration!

Jill's whole life is an inspiration against all odds. Her father died when she was 7 and her mother died in 1985. Her mother asked me to become Jill's guardian as well as to Jill's                                          younger sister, Julie.

Jill and I attended meetings together until she married. She continued to be an active member of a "12 step program" and she became a race car builder and driver. She was very well known on the SCCA Racing Circuit. It was her dream and she made it come true and she always credited her sobriety with her dream coming true.

I am putting Jill's story in bookmark form to commemorate what would have been her 30th year sober and distributing them to treatment centers where her story will be an inspiration to every newcomer.

Symbolism of the necklace in the women's recovery community

Recovery Necklace

Sober Triangle - three part solution (Unity, Recovery and Service) to a three part disease - physical, mental and spiritual.

Sober Circle - Wholeness

Sober Stone - Amethyst, which derives its name from a Greek word meaning "not intoxicated" is the "sober stone."

While a resident at a women's recovery home which helped women reclaim their lives after the devastating effects of active alcoholism, I wanted my fellow residents to feel my gratitude for walking the journey to sobriety with me. I designed the two-charm pendant and had the design made for "sober sisters." The pendants sold themselves and I started getting orders for more.

Recovery Necklace Charms

Recovery Necklace Charms

Recovery Necklace Jewelry

Recovery Necklace Charms

Recovery Necklace
20" Solid Sterling chain included!

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